Saintes-Maries de la Mer is a unique location, preserved and still wild, which offers much more than just the pleasures of the beach, which differentiates it from many resorts in the South of France.
Many activities other than the beach you are thus proposed, some of which are listed below …
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Horse riding

Saintes-Maries de la Mer, as the capital of the Camargue and also the horse is the favorite place for horseback riding and nature walks on the beach by the sea, water or on the sand in the dunes in the wild marshes, pine forest, etc … This is the perfect way to discover the local flora and fauna, including flamingos, bulls (and horses) wild many bird species, “sansouiro”, rice fields, etc …

Hikes or simple walks

For those who would like neither the horse nor the bike you still have your legs! (although here too the three things are not incompatible). Saintes Maries de la Mer and its surroundings are full of scenic and wild places that contribute to the charm of the Camargue and make its big difference from all the other resorts in the South of France, where the concrete has unfortunately taken over nature.

Camargue Races

This is the nineteenth century that the first bullfighting organized and quickly assimilated into the Camargue races. They were held in arenas made of carts. Over time, the bull begins to wear attributes. At this time the herdsmen understand that they can take advantage of these races, improving the breed of bulls, which are already very combative. This race was called “free running”. Today the Camargue race is considered a sport (as well as rugby and pelota in other regions) in which participants attempt to catch the attributes attached to the horns of a bull (a cockade, 2 2 tassels and strings). Hence the name “race to the roundel” also. This sports game without killing is practiced in the Gard, Hérault, a large part of Bouches-du-Rhône whose arena of Saintes Maries de la Mer (see photos below).

Bike rides

For those who prefer cycling to horse (although the two are not incompatible :), bicycle tours are an ideal means of locomotion and highly prized at Saintes Maries de la Mer, which allows to discover the many wild corners the Camargue contains or just to get from your accommodation to the village center there to buy your baguette or croissants. Everything is flat in the Camargue and there is very little traffic (not even a single stoplight at Saintes Maries!) So enjoy …


Another way to get away and visit some of our region is to use the water that surrounds us, and it does not lack in the Camargue, since in addition to the many ponds, marshes, lagoons and paddy fields, there of course the Mediterranean and also the Rhone, which flows into the sea. This is precisely the Rhone, which sets the Camargue, since sharing to Arles in 2 river branches (called the Grand Rhône and Petit Rhône) it naturally appear a triangle of land between his arms. This triangle or delta (after all the Greek letter is nothing but a triangle!), Is called “Rhone Delta” and corresponds to what is commonly called the Camargue. Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, as the capital of the Camargue, obviously fall within this Delta or let’s say “at the end sea side” and also much closer to the Petit Rhône as the Grand Rhone.